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Bradley Gardens Primary School is home to about 275 students in Grades K-4. We are located within the neighborhood of Bradley Gardens in Bridgewater, NJ. Recently, Bradley Gardens was ranked in the top 100 elementary schools in NJ! That is a direct testament to our amazing and talented staff, our supportive parents, and of course, our eager and responsible students! 

Here at Bradley, we believe that education needs to be challenging with observable standards of achievement and accountability for all children. It should create a knowledge base that fosters an iterative process of learning throughout the student’s life; knowledge that will lead to a successful career. We strive as a school to observe the child carefully, find areas of strength and affinity, and work to both encourage and scaffold that learning. 

Being a primary school, we aim to develop a solid literacy foundation, promoting reading and writing for every child. Through a comprehensive literacy approach, children are engaged in meaningful and purposeful reading and writing experiences daily.  We are focused on infusing literacy throughout the school day, immersing the students in print. In our hallways and even in our bathrooms, you will find poetry, vocabulary words, literature recommendations, and reading nooks.

The math curriculum provides balanced instruction, offering an assortment of learning materials designed to provide students with meaningful and diverse educational experiences. It is research based, created by mathematicians, and focuses on real world problem solving, balanced instruction, multiple methods, communication, technology, and enhanced parent/school relationships.  Through daily routines, extension exercises, and home based/online activities, the children are presented mathematical challenges. For students not achieving the appropriate benchmark, either in mathematics, or literacy, we have intervention specialists that supplement the regular educational program.

Although literacy and numeracy is the cornerstone of our primary curriculum, the children are also taught science through a hands-on, inquiry based approach. We have begun our immersion process into S.T.E.A.M. and are working diligently to provide the students with opportunities to problem solve creatively and by using a powerful design process. We look forward to our STEAM nights for parents and students. We coordinate a Science Fair for our third and fourth grade students. During the fair, they can present on their projects, all the while, enjoying a night out dedicated to science! Our social studies units, integrated through literature promote an awareness and understanding of citizenship and cultural diversity. In addition to the core subjects, the following special area subjects complement our day: art, music, library, computers, and physical education.

Bradley Gardens believes in nurturing the whole child, not just the mind. The children are provided a safe, caring and challenging environment. We strive to be a Bully Free Zone. This theme is intertwined with our monthly school wide morning meetings, lessons done by the counselor and classroom teachers. It is complemented through our Character Education Program, Second Step, where children are encouraged to achieve their personal best, through principles of equity and diversity. Classrooms build community through the Responsive Classroom approach in morning meeting. Every month, students can be nominated as “Student of the Month.” We celebrate an Author of the Month at every grade level. Even in the cafeteria, we strive for good citizenship through our weekly choice for the Golden Tray winner. 
We are very thankful for our Bradley Gardens P.T.O. They are supportive and very generous! They provide educational enrichment programs and develop joint ventures with our staff. They have been instrumental in fostering and strengthening school and community relations through book fairs, fundraisers, educational programs, and grants. 

We are a dedicated community of students, teachers, and parents working together to provide all children with a positive and productive school experience. All stakeholders are looking for the greatest overall educational opportunities for our BGS students.

Mrs. Barbara A. Binford

The child must know that he is a miracle, that since the beginning of the world there hasn't been, and until the end of the world there will not be, another child like him.-Pablo Casals