Gardens' Greetings-September

Gardens Greetings 

Welcome Back has the information for the start of the school year, announcing new staff, building upgrades and how to sign up to collect materials. It also features a book read by Mrs. Binford for those with first day jitters. 

 A Virtual Start outlines the schedule for the days, virtual learning expectations and how to set up a virtual learning space. 


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Bradley Gardens Back to School Night

6:15-6:45pm Grades Pre K, K, 3-4, Mrs. Caruso/Mr. Perler, Mrs. Coleman

6:45-7:15 Special Areas/Support Staff Open Office Hours

7:15-7:45 Grades 1-2

Special Areas will host open office hours for the parents to pop in if they choose. The meet link codes will be shared on the teachers' classroom pages.Dr. Ficarra has requested that teachers create a video of the BTSN presentations and it is made available for parents that couldn't be present for the actual event.

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