Bradley Gardens students display their exhibits during Science Fair

Bradley Gardens students display their exhibits during Science Fair

Young scientists—-Bradley Gardens Primary School students- -put on a “wonderful” exhibit on Tuesday, March 28.

On that evening, Bradley Gardens held its Science Fair, where the school’s 3rd and 4th Grade students engaged in a presentation. 

A total of 38 students participated.

Bradley Gardens Principal Barbara Binford called it a “wonderful event.”

Principal Binford reported that Dave the Science Guy from Rutgers University paid a visit during the evening. 

According to Principal Binford, Dave Maiullo he is a laboratory support specialist at Rutgers and he promotes interest and engagement in invention, physics and science.

She also complemented the fine work and coordination of the Science Fair by the two Science Coordinators at Bradley Gardens, Mary Beth Duffin-Hickey and Quinn Heffernan.

“The Science Fair was a huge success,” Ms. Duffin-Hickey declared. “Many of the 3d and 4th Grade students were inspired by our kickoff event in early March. Dave Maiullo from Rutgers presented a terrific Science Show for our students. Dave even attended our Science Fair last night (March 28).”

She shared a statement from Mr. Maiullo.

“Much fun last night looking over all the student projects,” Mr. Maiullo said. “A great night all around. I was impressed by the variety and type of science they all came up for the Science Fair. Well done by the science teachers, too.”

The invention of “The Wencil Holder” by Dimitri Arabatzis was among the featured exhibits.

“Mrs. Heffernan and I are so proud of our 3rd and 4th Grade participants and look forward to the Science Fair next year,” Ms. Duffin-Hickey said.