Sweetheart Dance

Enjoy a Winter Wonderland at this year's Sweetheart Dance on Feb. 21 from 6:30-8:30 PM. The dance is open to all BGS students and a special someone OR a BGS staff member and their child.

Families should dress to impress. Admission will be $5 per child, payable at the door. Reservations are required.

When RSVP'ing, please keep in mind this dance is for adult-child combos only (i.e mother-son, father-daughter, etc). This is NOT a full family event and parents may only bring current BGS students (sorry - no older/younger siblings who do not attend BGS). This is NOT a drop off event.

Register to attend, volunteer to assist, or donate some snacks or drinks via our AtoZ Connect site: https://atozconnect.com/cls/events?legl9748

Not yet signed up for AtoZ Connect? Find out how here: http://bit.ly/AtoZIntro